Falconry &  Raptor Art By Jeff Alkire






Jeff Alkire is a native Michigan artist specializing in raptor and falconry related subject matter. Working in various mediums, his artwork is an expression of appreciation and adoration for these magnificent creatures of the air.

Although he enjoyed creating art as a student, upon graduating high school he put down his pencils and brushes for other life pursuits. One of those pursuits would be falconry. On an afternoon in October of 2004, inspired by the falconry birds he had been studying, he picked up a pencil and sketched out the portrait of a hawk. Over sixteen years had passed from the time of his last art endeavor and the pursuit of falconry had reignited a long forgotten talent he had once enjoyed. Since that day he has been creating art with the charge and energy of love found anew.

Jeff currently resides with his wife and two daughters in New Lothrop Michigan.